The care of Citrus Plants

The plant we offer, is a Calamondin or botanically a Citrus mitis. They can be kept outside in the summer both in the room. You get beautiful white fragrant flowers and usually a lot of fruit. Calamondin grow compact and are well suited to their smaller stature also for small apartment or small balcony.

These plants are popularly referred to as orange trees, is in reality a cross between a kumquat and mandarin. This is evident especially in the fruits, which have a rather sour taste. But they can be readily processed to a delicous jam.

Citrus plants are often difficult to maintain and regarded as particularly sensitiv. This is not true. The offered "orange tree" is fairly straightforward, and ideal for beginners citrus plants.

The area should be light and if the plant is outdoors, be best protected somewhat. The plants should be watered each neatly at greater distances. Particularly suitable for this purpose is rainwater. Waterlogging should be avoided in any case. As fertilizer is to use a special citrus fertilizer that contains a lot of iron. So the leaves remain bright green. Plants with iron deficiency mostly have very bright leaves.

Wintering of plants can be warm or cool. It is important that the change does not happen too abruptly. In a warm wintering, a bright space as possible is required, at a cool winter, for example the staircase, the plant can be darker, because they then reduced the vegetation and therefore requires less moisture.