Take advantage of the positive effect of flowers on your business contacts:

  • Customer loyalty
  • Complaints
  • Birthdays, jubilees, holidays
  • A thank you for customers, employees and business partners
  • Presents for seasonal occasions like Easter or Christmas

In addition to these single actions, florito offers further possibilities to include flowers in the communication activities of your company:

  • Bouquets designed in accordance with the corporate design of the respective company
  • Bouquets sent together with different advertising materials (flyers, trade samples, catalogues, etc.) inclusive of packaging
  • Sweepstakes

Together with you, we will gladly, set up your own individual plan. In addition to the usual service of, like the 7-day-freshness guarantee and the simple order procedure, we offer further advantages especially for businesses, like collective invoices, data administration ( for instance birthday or address lists), graduated discounts, and many more.

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