How to Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Frischetipp Beispielbild Rote Rosen

Cut the stem

Before you put your flowers in a vase, you should make sure to cut the stems on the bias. A sharp knife is best for this. Please don’t use scissors, for they will crush the capillaries of the stems and thus will often damage the flowers.

Flowers with woody stems like roses, forsythias, lilac or snowball
need a biased cut surface about 5-7 cm long.

Hard herblike stems you find in chrysanthemums, carnations or many lilies need a biased cut surface about 3-5 cm long.

Flowers like tulips, calla or amaryllis with soft stems containing plenty of water should be cut straight. With these flowers, you should make sure that the vase supports the stems well, so that they do not bend under the weight of the blooms.

Tip: Mucilaginous flowers like narcissus should first be kept in a separate vase for an hour and then be arranged in the proper vase filled with fresh water.

Important: After cutting the stems, put the flowers in the water immediately!

Vase and Water
Flowers love fresh, clean water. Clean the vase thorougly before putting the bouquet in the water. You should also remove the leaves from the part of the stems immersed in water. It is recommnded to change the water in the vase every 2-3 days. Add the nutrient you find in your florito package to the water. It will supply the cut flowers with what they need and keep them fresh and healthy for a longer time.

Tip: Use hand-hot water. It agrees better with flowers than cold water (this does not apply to tulips).